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About Club Sports

A Club Sport is an athletic sport in which a college sponsors one team for recreational or competitive purposes (not through the NCAA, but possibly through other leagues).

Club Sports at Auburn University are student organizations designed to promote good sportsmanship, skills development and athletic competition. Clubs can be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature, and are not affiliated with the NCAA.

Club sports provide students with lifelong friends, competitive opportunities, leadership, and personal development. Currently there are more than 25 Club Sports.


The AU Badminton Club practices on the Multi-Activty Courts located in the Recreation and Wellness Facility.


Bass Fishing

It is the purpose of the AU Bass Fishing Club Sport to create a competitive, yet user-friendly environment for all bass anglers. We recognize that our generation is responsible for the preservation and growth of competitive bass angling and therefore make it our mission to represent our sport and Auburn University with class and integrity.Read More...



The Auburn Climbing Club exists to help Auburn climbers get exposure around the Southeast. We compete as a team, and as individuals, at a variety of competitions at nearby colleges. We teach climbers of all experience levels the knowledge and skills needed to climb in a gym setting. We offer a community of people to help a climber succeed indoors and out.Read More...




The mission of the Auburn University Cricket Club (AUCC) is to bring together individuals of different countries and origins at AU who are interested in playing and learning the sport of cricket. This club serves to promote cricket in auburn by participating in inter-collegiate regional and national tournaments representing Auburn University. The club also hosts its annual event, TIGER CUP, which is one of the biggest inter-collegiate tournaments in the south east. At present, AUCC includes over 25 members from 4 different countries proudly representing Auburn University in several inter-collegiate tournaments. It ranks among the top 20 teams in the nation ever aspiring to move up and some of its credits include, South East Championship (Winners 2010), Tiger Cup (Winners 2009, 2010), Bulldawg Championship (Winners 2009, 2010) and National Championship (Semifinalist 2011). We look forward to enjoy playing the sport of cricket with you.  Read More...



"The Auburn Flyers Cycling Club a cycling group that is focused on promoting cycling in Auburn, both as a hobby and a sport. We race throughout the entire Southeast in the Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. We compete in Mountain, Cyclocross, and Road seasons. Members are welcome to race, or just join us on our weekly rides. Come ride with us!" 



Auburn Club Golf is open to golfers of all skill levels and is both a competitive and social club.  The club will practice every week and play five rounds on Sunday afternoons throughout a semester. We will be playing at the Robert Trent Jones, AU Club, Moores Mill Golf Club and Indian Pines. The competitive team will require a try out and the top 8 players will be on the competition team. The roster will be based on tryouts before each tournament, so there will be a chance for the roster to change throughout a semester. There will be up to three tournaments a semester; two regionals and one national. We will be running this club through the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA), which includes over 225 teams nationally. Read More...


Ice Hockey

Yes, Auburn has a club hockey team. We play home games at the Columbus Ice Rink and travel all over the South to compete against other collegiate club teams. You don't have to play hockey to join the club. Read More...



The Auburn Karate Club practices traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate and is a member of the Japan Karate Association. Beginner and Advanced Classes are available. Training focuses on vigorous physical conditioning, self defense, balance and flexibility. Practice will also increase concentration, reduce stress and improve self-confidence. This is not MMA. Contact is very controlled and light with focus on technique, power, and speed.  Read More...


Lacrosse - Men

The Auburn University Men's Lacrosse Club plays in the SELC Conference of the MCLA, the country's premier intercollegiate lacrosse association. Led by Head Coach Mike Meutzel and Assistant Coach Nathaniel Humphreyville, the lacrosse team is committed to working hard and competing against top club teams across the Southeast as well as the country. The team maintains a 40 man roster made up of talented guys from all over the country. The team participates in a light fall ball and plays most of its games during the Spring semester.  Read More...


Lacrosse - Women

Auburn Women's Lacrosse travels across the Southeast playing the other schools in our conference. Tryouts are held in September each fall. Practices are held from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Old Track located next to the Student Activities Center. We believe in lacrosse and love it! War Eagle!  Read More...



The club was founded in 
1992 and has been steadily growing since. Our team strives to learn and perform on a very competitive level. We work hard so we can row hard and deliver the best results at regattas. Our team bonds and becomes a tight-knit family. The AU Rowing Club practices in the AU Room located in the Recreation and Wellness Facility.  Read More...


Rugby - Men

The Auburn University Men’s Rugby Club competes with other collegiate Rugby Clubs across the country. We are a member of the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference that includes almost all of the Division 1 SEC schools. Experience is not necessary, as we have players who have played in high school and new comers alike.  Read More...


Rugby – Women

The Auburn University Women's Rugby Club works to spread a knowledge and love of the game of rugby to Auburn students. We introduce players of any experience to this rough game, but stress the importance of safety and proper technique. Rugby involves tackling, running, passing, kicking, and a great deal of teamwork. The team is made up of girls of all sizes and strength levels who use their individual talents to better the team. Auburn's rugby team has been the foundation of many strong and lasting friendships. Read More...



The purpose of this club is to promote and encourage sailing throughout the Auburn University community and to embody teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the water at all times. The Club will provide boats for recreational sailing, participate in regattas, and teach members to sail. Read More...


Soccer - Men

Our club's goal is to give Auburn University men the opportunity to play high level soccer in a competitive and fun environment. At the start of each fall semester, tryouts are held at the Auburn University Campus Recreation Fields. The club will select anywhere from 22-28 players. In addition to practices, we travel multiple weekends throughout the semester to compete against other SEC club teams as well as a host of other schools' clubs in the southeast. Joining the club is a great way to play soccer at a competitive level and make friends all while still providing you with ample time to focus on academics. Read More...


Soccer - Women

Our organization's mission is to give Auburn University women the opportunity to play club level soccer in a competitive and fun environment. At the start of each semester, tryouts are held at the Auburn University Intramural Fields. Tryouts are fun, relaxed, and consist of different drills/games that are designed to showcase each player's skill level.The club will normally roster around 18-22 members. In addition to practices, we travel multiple weekends throughout the semester to compete against other SEC club teams as well as a host of other schools' clubs in the southeast. Club Soccer is a great way to meet new people while staying active and playing the beautiful game! War Eagle!!  Read More...



Auburn Club Swimming is a co-ed competitive swim team open to all university students. Our focus is to provide an environment for students to continue swimming and compete with other university club teams. We compete with several teams here in the southeast as well as teams from across the nation. Read More...


Table Tennis

Our mission is to promote the sport of table tennis in the Auburn University community. We also have a team that competes in regional and national tournaments sponsored by the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association.  Read More...


Team Handball

The AU Team Handball Club is a co-ed club that teaches the sport of team handball and competes against other collegiate handball clubs across the US. Read More...



The Auburn Tennis Club is a Club Sport that allows table tennis players of all skill levels to play against each other in a friendly but competitive environment. Our club enables tennis players to play, improve, and enjoy the game with other students. Read More...


Ultimate Frisbee - Men

The Auburn University Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club practices on the Campus Recreation Intramural Fields. Read More...


Ultimate Frisbee – Women

Auburn Women’s Ultimate Club provides Auburn University students with the opportunity to participate both recreationally and competitively in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We travel to tournaments across the Southeast U.S. Our competitive season is primarily during the spring with a few tournaments in the fall as well. In the 2013 season the team placed third at sectionals and qualified for regionals. Read More...


Volleyball – Men

Auburn Men's Volleyball Club has been competing for multiple years and has grown significantly over time. We are making huge strides in becoming a highly competitive volleyball team that competes throughout the SEC. Together we have won various tournaments and we even host our own tournament every spring semester. We travel to at least 5 tournaments a year representing Auburn University. We do not only want volleyball players, although experience helps, but also guys who consider themselves to be athletic and want to learn more about the sport. Read More...


Volleyball – Women

Traveling, competitive women's volleyball team representing Auburn University. The Auburn University Women's Volleyball Club practices on the Multi-Activty Courts located in the Recreation and Wellness Facility. Read More...


Water Polo

Auburn's Water Polo Club is a competitive team that participates in the Collegiate Water Polo Association's southeastern division against teams such as Georgia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and several others. The club also partakes in out-of-division tournaments during the spring semester against various universities, including the University of Florida and Tulane University. The club has won the division multiple of times in the past and is looking to continue greatness. We are searching for serious players interested in the game of Water Polo. So come out and compete with us all while having a great time. Read More...


Water Ski

The Water Ski Club promotes competitive event skiing by attending inter-collegiate tournaments throughout the southeast region in the fall and spring. We also greatly encourage new and recreational skiers and wakeboarders to join the club who either want to learn for the first time or increase their ability on the water. We ski and wakeboard on a private lake that is only 30 minutes from Auburn and is owned by our coach. We have a team boat and plenty of team equipment for members to use. Many people ski and wakeboard year round so it's never a bad time to join the Water Ski Club! Read More...



Auburn Wrestling club is open to all Auburn University Students. Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to continue wrestling in college and to build the sport up in this state and across the country. Read More...



All sports are open to both men and women unless specified as specific team above. 

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