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Two-A-Days with Mike Reynolds

When he's not spending time with family, advising Aubie, or leading the team at Student Financial Services, Mike Reynolds can be found at The Rec twice a day.

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Mike Reynolds, executive director of Auburn University’s Student Financial Services, is also an advisor to Auburn’s beloved mascot Aubie the Tiger. As an active member of the Recreation and Wellness Center (he works out twice a day!), Mike answers our burning questions.

What do you wish other people knew about the Recreation and Wellness Center?

Just what an enjoyment it is to have a facility like this – so clean and accessible – the staff are so friendly and helpful. There is always something you can do. Just walking on the track watching the students is worth a visit. 

What would you tell an Auburn University employee who is thinking about joining?

Join immediately! I consider it a perk for working at Auburn University, and the cost is so minimal.

When your friends find out you exercise at The Rec, what do they say or ask?

Most know I have a very high metabolism, so they always remark it is no surprise that I work out and work out often. I usually go to The Rec two times a day -- once at lunch and then again after work.

What are your fitness goals this year?

To keep going to the gym. My father passed away at age 55. I am that age now so my goal is to stay as healthy and active as possible.

What motivates you to stay on track?

Well, this year both my daughters are getting married. One daughter in April, and the other in June. They are two of my most prized possessions, so I want to look as good as possible when I give them away to their future husbands.

The interest in living healthy seems to be growing. Why do you think that is?

With so many health issues today, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc., I believe people want to take whatever precautions they can to fight against these aliments.

As executive director of Student Financial Services, what do you consider to be the best part of your job?

Assisting students in achieving their higher education goals. I know what a special place Auburn University is. I went here and loved it, and I like to help others who want this special experience.

What one guilty pleasure can you not live without?

A glass of chardonnay! 

What is your super power?

Dancing. My dad was a fabulous dancer and I inherited this talent from him. When the music starts, my feet just sort of know what to do!

What would you consider your greatest mistake?

I believe nothing is a mistake if you learn from it. I try not to make a habit of repeating things that did not have the positive result I expected.

What is the toughest decision you ever had to make?

Having to euthanize our 11-year-old Shih Tzu when all hope for her recovery was lost. Best for her, traumatic for me.

What were you doing the last time you looked at a clock and realized you had lost all track of time?


What book do you think everyone should read?

To Kill a Mockingbird

What does Auburn mean to you?

Auburn is more than a place, more than a university, more than people, more than family, more than oak trees. Auburn is a state of mind. It is calming, nurturing, supportive, lovely, strong, never yielding, but most of all, Auburn produces Auburn men and women who keep a unique family-oriented state of mind going strong! I believe in AUBURN and LOVE IT!!! 

What’s your favorite thing about being an Aubie Advisor?

The students-- both friends of Aubie and directors of the Aubie Program. The Aubie Program is different from other mascot programs because it is run by the SGA. The Aubie Program belongs to the students of Auburn University. All students have the opportunity to participate in Aubie committee functions on Tuesday nights before home football games.

It is special to watch students grow in their roles. The Aubie Program is like a huge corporation guided by Head Aubie as CEO. An administrative support staff made up of friends of Aubie handle specific functions of the program from marketing, to film production, to operations. Directors of Aubie have specific functions as well, such as scheduling, production, and Aubie committee oversight.  I like to think by the time students leave the program, they are ready for the real world and money-making decisions.