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Test this fitness tool – win prizes!

For four weeks beginning Nov. 1, some Group Fit participants will have the chance to try MYZONE® activity belts and compete for prizes.

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What is MYZONE®?

MYZONE® is an exercise tracking system that provides real-time feedback of heart rate, calories and effort. 

The data is transmitted instantly to a live display and uploaded wirelessly to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the MYZONE® Lite App.

Those trying the heart-rate monitoring belts will see their personalized readings on a screen in cycling classes.

“Through a series of personalized, color-coded tiles, our members can know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in at any given moment during their workout,” said Pam Wiggins, Group Fitness assistant director. “This will allow them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results.”

The system taps into people’s competitive instincts, as well. The more time spent exercising, and the higher the intensity of the exercise, the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) members earn. During the three weeks of demonstrations, those receiving the most MEPs can win prizes. 

The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, regarded as one of the best facilities in New York City, is a facility that uses MYZONE.